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FAQ - frequently asked questions

1. Where are you located?

Our office is located in Hannover, Germany.

2. Is the software written by yourself ?

Yes. We are able to customize the software in any detail if required.

3. Are there any reselling offices ?

No, we only sell directly via internet or some partner companies, who
integrated our software into their products (OEM). Due to this fact we are able to offer
attractive prices.

4. What is the meaning of S / M /XL version ?

This version comes at a lower price, but with limited functionality, e. g.
WebOpt pal S is limited to 50 parts. See our pricelist for details.

5. How do the versions differ ? Do you have additional functionality or moduls ?

We have several add-on's and modules for WebOpt. Please refer to
our flyer for details or contact us for special demands.

6. Who is using your software ?

Joiners, glasmakers, carpet craftsmen, shipbuilders, metal and PVC industry.

7. I have comments or suggestions.

Please send your suggestions via email (info@kuehn-software.de) or use our web form.

8. I have got a special machine and want to connect it to your software.

Please contact us.

9. I would like to resell your products or integrate them into my product.

Please contact us.

10. I need a special translation.

Please contact us.

11. Do you offer software for Apple Mac, Linux or Android ?

Yes, WebOpt and KuehnOpt runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.

13. I tried to contact you via phone, but there is only an answer machine ?

Please send us an email or leave a message, we will call you
back as soon as possible.

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