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Online Optimization

WebOpt is an internet optimization service. We offer the following optimizations:

  • Panel cutting (2D).
  • Stripe cutting (1D).
  • Circle cutting (unmixed).
  • Palletizing (mixed + unmixed).


  • Use the optimization from any device.
  • No software installation (only Browser and PDF Reader required).
  • Excel Import (Excel 97 Format).
  • ASCII Import.
  • Your are always using our current software.
  • The solutions are sent via email as PDF file.
  • Pay per optimization (see pricelist), monthly or yearly (flatrate).
Start optimizationRegistered customers only.
Start demo

Supported Browser

WebOpt runs on a any internet browser. We are recommending the following browser:

Opera *)min. Version 5Windows, Linux, MacOS X, PDA
Mozilla Firefox *)min. Version 2Windows, Linux, MacOS X
*) The shown trademarks belong to their owners.

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