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1999Founding of Kuehn-Software in Hannover.
1999First cutting optimization software 'WinCut1' for Windows.
from 1999Start of using Linux as server, beginning of
software development for Linux.
2001Company conversion to AUDAST GbR.
from 2001Cutting optimization 'WinCut2' and palletizing software 'WinPal' for Windows.
from 2002First online cutting optimization software 'WebCut'. Server operating systems are Windows and Linux.
from 2004Further specialization on internet and web technology (browser and server development).
2006Company conversion to AUDAST GmbH & Co. KG.
from 2007Further specialization on embedded Linux.
from 2009Company conversion to Kuehn-Software.
2009First 'WebOpt' Version for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X.
2012Cross platform optimization software for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X
'KuehnOpt' with native GUI.
2013First 'WebOpt' Android Version for tablets.
2016WebOpt V2 for desktop, server and mobile devices (iPad, Android Tablet etc.).
2017WebOpt V2 for Siemens Simatic IOT2000/IOT2040 gateway hardware.
2017KuehnOpt Android V2 with new native user interface
2018KuehnOpt Apple Mac OS X 64 bit version

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